Welcome to Nikolski Adventures at Ugludax Lodge
The New Frontier of the Last Frontier

The Ugludax Lodge has the distinction of being the westernmost fishing lodge in North America. Ugludax (pronounced oo-g-loo-tha-x) is an Aleut term for "ancient village". If you are seeking an Alaskan Adventure that is beyond the commonplace, Nikolski Adventures can fulfill your dreams.

Nikolski Adventures offers fantastic fishing with terrific guides and comfortable accommodations for 8 guests. This remote getaway offers world-class halibut and salmon fishing right at your doorstep.

Come fish the richest waters in the world where the Pacific Ocean meets the Bering Sea. This area of the Aleutians is where the world's largest Halibut are caught. The current IGFA world record halibut (459 lbs.) was caught in this region. There is also excellent light tackle fresh and saltwater fishing for Dolly Varden, Sockeye, Pink, Chum and Silver salmon.

Besides the fishing on Umnak, the adventure touring and wildlife viewing are considered world-class.

The Lodge is located on a bluff overlooking a series of freshwater lakes and the Bering Sea just outside the Alaska native village of Nikolski. From this vantage point, the lodge offers great views of western Umnak Island, including 7,000 foot Mt. Vsevidof, and the Bering Sea.

Nikolski is located on Umnak Island which is part of the Aleutian Islands which stretch westward from Alaska. Umnak Island, which is 70 miles long by 20 miles wide, is truly a pristine Alaskan environment, yet it's been inhabited by native Alaskans who have subsisted off the natural resources for over 10,000 years.

Nikolski is the oldest active town site in North America. And yet many of the lakes and streams on Umnak Island have never been fished by sportsmen. In fact, most of the lakes and streams on the Island are still unnamed.

Join us for the best remote salmon and halibut-fishing
trip of your life.

The beautiful and spacious 4,400 square-foot custom Lindal Cedar Lodge will accommodate up to eight guests luxuriously. Each of the four well appointed bedrooms has a queen and twin bed and private outside deck.

The Ugludax Lodge at Nikolski is located on Umnak Island in the Aleutian chain and has the distinction of being the western most fishing lodge in North America. If you are seeking an Alaskan Adventure that is beyond the common place then a Nikolski Adventure is where it's at!

The lodge has a formal dining room, commercial kitchen, wet bar, library, card tables, fly tying areas, and large viewing decks.

The three daily meals provided are home cooked and served family style. Breads and cookies are baked fresh daily. Local Alaska seafood is our specialty.

Plan a trip now to remote and exotic Ugludax Lodge and let the adventure begin!

"Nikolski Adventures at Ugludax Lodge is the perfect setting for your Alaskan Adventure"